5 NYC building oddities

December 13, 2014


New York City’s eclectic mix of architectural styles is part of its charm. But here are five buildings that are true anomalies, via Revaluate.

No. 5: Extreme cantilever


Gramercy’s 160 East 22nd Street, near Third Avenue, is a 24-hour concierge building with a hell-of-a cantilever.

No. 4: Building outside the box


This unusual residence at 351 Keap Street was built entirely of shipping containers by a  Brooklyn couple.

 No. 3: Half pint


75 ½ Bedford Street in the West Village is just 9.5 feet across at its widest and 2 feet across at its narrowest, making it narrowest house in the city.

No. 2: A disguise


This 1847 Greek Revival townhome at 58 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights is in fact a ventilator and emergency exit for the IRT Lexington Avenue/Eastern Parkway line of the city’s subway system, according to Revaluate.

No. 1: “Art”


Somebody got the bright idea to veil this six-story commercial building at 15 East 47th Street with interconnecting metal rings, creating an especially strange eyesore.  [Revaluate]Christopher Cameron

– See more at: http://www.llnyc.com/24350-5-nyc-building-oddities#sthash.I0Qr83di.dpuf


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